So, some of you may know alot about me, some maybe not as much.
I'm a girly girl AND a total tomboy! I grew up riding skateboards at skate parks AND had my cool 80's roller boogie skates with glitter!

I've always loved adventure and thrills: roller coasters, motorcycles, race cars, trying new things (especially ones that scare me just a little, as I've always felt thats the best way to GROW!) And at the same time, I love a simple great meal with a friend, deep conversations, travel to beautiful exotic places, and chilling on a beautiful tropical beach and doing nothing.

I got into acting when I was around 19 - totally by accident! Following my own advice of trying things that scared you, I took an acting class. Hoping it would help me overcome my shyness and learn to express myself better. I ended up really loving it! And kept pushing through the fear and kept at it. After several years of that, acting classes (countless scenes that pushed me, challenged me, terrified me!), voice lessons to strengthen my cute tiny barely audible little voice, dance classes to learn to move and be more in control of my body, and lots of hard work and dogged persistence and determination... it started to pay off. Little jobs at first, then bigger, then finally: JAG!

I've been so fortunate in my career since then. So many great shows, movies, people I've worked with and the best fans a girl could ask for. But I have to say the thing I'm MOST proud of in my life are my 2 beautiful children. Gemma, who's 12 and Ronan, 5. I love being a mom more than anything. Work takes me away a lot, and thank God I LOVE my work. And we're all pretty used to the schedule and the travel. And I love that my kids see a successful working mom doing something she loves and hopefully that sets a good example for them too.

It's a constant juggle and work in progress - trying to balance work and motherhood. But I love the challenge and I'm always trying to be better at it all. Some days better than others! 

But I am so grateful for all these things. And so excited to be sharing it with y'all!

TV & Film Credits

2015 The Bandit Hound (post-production) 

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Cassie Nightingale

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Cassandra Nightingale


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